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Hey, It’s Ya Birthday! – Lief Festival

With ‘Hey it’s ya birthday!’ I’m taking you back to your childhood, the fun things, your birthday, but especially your party! In this world, it’s everyone’s birthday and we really need to celebrate. At Lief festival we had a perfect spot within the toucan lounge, rows long were waiting to be part of our activities; the making of 3D animal masks with paint, feathers & glitters, cake decorating (and eating ofcourse, mm!), hoola hooping and to be transformed into a neon chameleon with neon bodypaint.

‘Hey, it’s ya birthday!’ is a bookable concept. Interested? Mail to:

Kraft Festival – Stage Design

This year, ‘Het Klassiek’ organised the first edition of KRAFT Festival. A very nice festival in Amersfoort with an accent on regional talent and craftsmanship. Within this festival, I had the honor to build both stages.
Amsterdam Open Air – Decoration
LiveBuild hosted camping area of Amsterdam Open Air, a very nice festival which took place the 8th & 9th of June at Gaasperpark, Amsterdam. LiveBuild asked me for concept development and creation for the decoration of the campingsite.
Hey, It’s Ya Birthday! – Pony Park

With ‘Hey, it’s ya birthday! I’m taking you back to your childhood, the fun things, your birthday, but especially your party! In this world, it’s everyone’s birthday and we really need to celebrate. At Pony Park festival we had a great spot where people could jump around in large burlap sacks, fighting for a medal. We had skipping ropes, canvas to paint on, big cans to rollover (challenging your friends ofcourse, everyone wants to be a winner), hoolahoops and neon paint, crystals and bindi’s to transform every visitor into a shiny sensation.
Giepswerk – Styling
In honor of the anniversary of Giep Hagoort and his book launch ‘GIEPSWERK’, the beautiful Metaal Kathedraal turned into the perfect place to celebrate. To complete this, they asked me to fix the decoration of this event.
Fuel – Stage design
Amersfoort needed a serious boost for it’s nightlife, ‘Het Klassiek’ came with the perfect answer: FUEL. A new club party for Amersfoort and surroundings. The organisation wanted permanent decoration which could be used every edition, but with a little adjustment it looks different every time. My job was to creatie this decoration.
Gunz For Hire – The Resistance

In anticipation of the ‘The Resistance’-tour of Gunz For HIre, Scantraxx made a trailer. Hereby I was responsible for the grime.

X-Qlusive Wildstylez

The 19th of January 2013, Q-dance organises the event X-Qlusive, the host of this evening is one of the most succesfull hardstyle dj-producers: Wildstylez. To announce and promote this event, Q-dance made this trailer. As a setdresser, I was responsible for dressing up the setting and creating the right atmosphere.

Sticky Farm, Magneet festival 2012

Commissioned by Sticky Green, I was responsible for decoration of their own hosted stage during Magneet Festival at Oostpunt, Amsterdam. Three special days of celebration and beautiful moments. Inspired by the Stickyfarm-theme, I made six farm animals on a wooden stick. If you finally realised these were loose parts from the whole setting, you could grab one to pump it into the air and run or dance with your own sweet cow, horse, sheep, pig, chicken or Hello Kitty farm cat!
After Owl
Commissioned by Into The Woods, I was responsible for design and creation of the Into The Woods festival afterparty. I made a big owl with winding hazel wings and placed it above the DJ booth, which was covered by a fench with overgrown flowers. The speakers were also decorated with flowers.

For Into The Woods festival 2011, I made the Sparklin’ Flowers. These were also used to decorate the festival of this year.

Fervid Disclosure x NOW&WOW Fest
Fervid Disclosure live-performance at NOW&WOW Fest, which took place December 17, 2011. A game of concealment and revelation , to provoke and secretly shock. Fervid Disclosure infiltrated NOW&WOW Fest and revealed herself in the exciting and steamy night.

Concept & creation Marlon Schuurman
Model Natalie de Koning
Photography Tatiana Stoute

Special thanks to Pietra Ligura & Ted Langenbach
Sparklin’ Flowers

Decoration Into The Woods festival in Amersfoort, which took place September 10, 2011. Two of my flowers where decorating the ‘Beukenbos’ stage, while another one decorated the path between the other stages. I also created a lounge area beside this path and made signage for this festival.

Dance has become the largest youth culture of the Netherlands, dance festivals allow visitors moments of pure joy and pleasure experience. Expression through clothing is an important part of any youth culture. Even in Dance, clothing could be a major contribution, where now no use is made. Of clothing is no longer, as now, the experience of secondary importance, but just one part of experience, dance and fashion can come together to create more intense experiences.

Concept & Styling – Marlon Schuurman
Photography – Mirjam Tonnaer
Modeling – Anneke Weerts
Dj live-set – Daniel Zuur
Special thanks to the figurants
Clothing – Episode Utrecht, Jutka & Riska Amsterdam
Locations – Atelier L-Tuziasm, NUtrecht!
Music installation – Yoore van Doorn.

Download Thesis ‘the classic subculture died when it became an object of nostalgia and social inspection’

Download photographic storyboard ‘Awareness’

Defqon.1 Project 2010, Forever Young
Collaborative project with the organisation Q-dance. Concerning concept development for Defqon.1 festival, which took place from June 24 till June 26, 2011. We created an inspirational world for the Q-dance creatives, consisting of 3 different worlds in the form of the Defqon.1-logo: Mechanical Candyland, Uberwückerd Wünderland and Childhood Nightmare. Each with his own story, atmosphere and icons. During our final presentation, all three stories were told in image and sound. Afterwards our journey could be found in our illustrated book.
Sietske Lamers
Maarten Koek
Melissa Meulendijks
Renske Rademaker
Barbara Koppe
Defqon.1 Project 2008, Scrapville
Collaborative project with the organization Q-dance for Defqon.1 Festival 2008, which took place June 14, 2008. Following on the theme ‘Scrap Attack’ we built our own ‘Scrap Ville’, right in the middle of the festival site. I helped to design and build our own scrap tree with a lounge area underneath. Visitors were able to throw their empty plastic cups in the interactive flowerbins to recycle waste. These flowers had sensors and responded to their catch by spraying water out of random tree spots at visitors.

Ayla Fraats
Melissa Duijn
Frank dekker

What is folklore? A difficult concept to define. You are already inclined to think in nostalgic caricatures, but isn’t this too superficial? Folklore is a process that transforms over time. This project is a visualization of folklore’s birthplace. In the era of globalization, this place is a game of folklore objects from different cultures, at this point begins the search for new forms of folklore.

Photography by Marlon Schuurman

Marlon Schuurman

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